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Another Workout

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Topic: Exercise, Follow-Up

In Ask The Rabbi #102, we answered Yoel's question about whether he is obligated to exercise upon the insistance of his parents.

Gili Houpt, Yeshiva University wrote:

...I just wanted to say that it's very refreshing to hear a rabbi giving such advice. I'm a Yeshiva U. student who's been involved with kiruv (Jewish education). Sometimes I see ba'alei t'shuva who feel they must reject everything that won't directly enhance their quest for spiritual perfection. Also - you might suggest to Yoel that he try learning Torah while on the treadmill. I've found this a very useful way to 'kill two birds with one stone.'

Regarding our "flabby" comments, Yonasan R. of Jerusalem commented:

"Weren't you a bit too tough on that poor guy?"

Thanks, Gili and Yonasan and everyone else who commented.

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