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Lien on His Car

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Topic: Lien, Saying Shehecheyanu on Car With A

Alan Shear wrote:

This question was asked to me at a halacha shiur I gave:

If one purchases a car, which will belong to him in a few years time (since actually the bank owns it until the owner can pay back fully for it) but does not currently belong to him, may he make a Shehecheyanu blessing on it - or should he wait until the car is fully paid for, and actually belongs to him, and then say the blessing?

Dear Alan Shear,

I asked this question to Rabbi Sholom Yoseph Elyashiv, shlita. He rules that provided one is capable of making the monthly payments, he should say shehecheyanu at the time of purchase.

Since the shehecheyanu blessing depends on 'simchat halev' - happiness of the heart - one should say it as soon as possible, while he still feels the 'simcha'.

Speaking of the bank owning something - or having a 'lien' on it:

A king once wanted his vassals to pay higher taxes.
"But what if they don't pay?" asked the king's advisor.
"We'll slap a lien on their property," said the king.
"What shall we call this 'lein' imposed upon the vassals?" he asked.
"Please," said the king. "Don't try to force me into making a bad pun."
  • Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim 223:4

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