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Topic: Etrog, What to do After Sukkot

Burt Falkenstein from the Bronx, NY wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

Now that Succot is over what does one do with the etrog and luvav? I noticed in my shul that the lulav is placed on top of the aron kodesh [Holy Ark]? There's also one member of our congregation who collects them to make some sort of pie, (I think). Could you kindly reply with an explanation? Thank you.

Dear Burt Falkenstein,

I've never heard of lulav pie! You probably mean etrog pie. I know people who make etrog jam and etrog liqueur. I have a jar of etrog jam in my fridge. (It's an acquired taste!)

Since the lulav and etrog were used for a mitzvah they should be treated with respect. Ideally, they should be used for another mitzvah. Many people save their lulav until Passover and then use it to burn the chametz. Some people stick cloves into their etrog and use it as the fragrance spice at havdallah.

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