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Topic: Nose, Why only One?

Rebner from Mainz, Germany wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

How come that people have two ears but only one nose?

Dear Rebner,

Excellent question! Every aspect of Creation contains Divine wisdom. It's our job to discover the wisdom in everything.

The two ears are designed to give a person directional and stereo hearing, hence they are placed on each side of the head. The nose also has a similar design with two nostrils, but they are close together as there is no real need for "stereo smell."

Just as the army places a guard at the gate of a munitions factory, so too G-d has strategically positioned a 24 hour guard at the "gate" of the human body: No food can enter your mouth without passing under your nose's scrutinizing security scan. Food dangerously spoiled is automatically identified and denied admission.

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