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What Am I, Chopped Liver?

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Topic: Chopped Liver, "What Am I, Chopped Liver?" - meaning & origin

Tom Birchmire from Needham, MA wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

Perhaps you can settle a discussion (argument) between my mother-in-law and me. She has used the expression "What am I, chopped liver?" sprinkled here and therein conversation. When I asked her what was the beginning of the joke, she replied that there isn't any - the phrase stands alone. Are you aware of the origins of the phrase? Any help will be appreciated.

Dear Tom Birchmire,

As far as I know, the origins of the phrase are not Yiddish; I believe the phrase was originally coined in America. Being that chopped liver was always considered a side dish and not a main course, the phrase is used to express hurt and amazement when a person feels he has been overlooked and treated just like a "side dish."

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