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Topic: Exams, Praying to Pass

B. Apple from the U.of Baltimore wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

I am in the middle of studying for the bar examination and am very nervous about it. I am a practicing Jew, but do not go to temple very often. I feel guilty for asking for G-d's blessing to pass the bar because of my failure to go to temple. Should I feel this way, or does the fact the L-rd is in my heart make my prayers OK?

Dear B. Apple,

I'll let King David answer your question! King David wrote: "G-d is close to all who call Him, to all who call Him in truth." (Psalms 145)

G-d is close to you when you are close to Him. You don't necessarily need to go to synagogue in order to be close to G-d, because G-d is everywhere.

It's extremely meaningful to attend synagogue and pray with a "minyan" of ten. But even if you don't do this, there's nothing wrong or hypocritical about praying to G-d in whatever situation you find yourself.

So meditate on G-d's Unity and Omnipotence, and pray. This can be done in your own language, in your own individual way of expression known only to you and G-d.

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