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Sea Burial

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Topic: Burial at Sea

Alter B. Raubvogel from Cincinnati, OH wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

Hi! A few of us were discussing the recent Egypt Air crash, and the question arose: Is there a Jewish concept of burial at sea? Is there an obligation to retrieve and bury the remains of someone who has died in a shipwreck or plane crash at sea, G-d forbid? May we only have "healthy" problems! And may your staff of rabbis be eternally blessed for the service you provide to your people.

Dear Alter B. Raubvogel,

The Jewish concept of burial is only in the earth. There's no "burial at sea." If someone died at sea, there would be an obligation to try to find him and bury him, if possible.


  • See Beit Yosef, Yoreh Deah 375:7

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