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Topic: Computer Internet Forms, Lying

A NY Person <Name@Withheld> wrote

Dear Rabbi,

Certain free e-mail services ask you for your address, and if you don't type it the computer makes you go back to the form. Am I allowed to type "Withheld" so the computer thinks I typed something and lets me have the service? Would this be different if the "user agreement" says that the user agrees to provide complete and accurate information? If I did it already what should I do? Thank you very much.

Dear NY person,

If the computer won't accept your application unless you provide an address, it seems they want their service to be conditional on this. On the other hand, perhaps they just want to make sure you haven't forgotten to fill in your address, in which case writing "withheld" is okay, as it shows that you have not forgotten it, but rather that you aren't willing to provide it.

The simple solution is to contact them and ask them what their policy is.

If providing a "complete and accurate" address is required and writing "withheld" simply "fools" the system into thinking that you've provided an address, it's similar to providing a false address and is forbidden. If this is the case and you have done this already, you need to either provide them with the right address, stop using their service, or contact them and see if they will make an exception for you.

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