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A Clean Scalp?

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Topic: Scalping Tickets

Philip Americus wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

I have a question about selling tickets. I attend Penn State and the 'student prices' on season tickets are very cheap (about $12). Since our football team was ranked #1 last year (or #2 depending on how you rank) and every game is sold out, scalping the tickets is extremely lucrative...students regularly sell tickets for about $30. The question is then: Is it OK to scalp the tickets? I know scalping is against school policy, because I've heard of someone getting caught on the day of the game. I also assume it's against the law. Some students will sell a $30 pencil and throw in a free football ticket, so all you are really paying for is the pencil!

Dear Philip Americus,

First of all, Mazel Tov on your team's first place ranking. But hold on to your pencil. I asked Rabbi Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg, shlita, who said that scalping is 'gezelah' - theft.

As you said, scalping is against school policy. The school offers inexpensive student tickets not for investment purposes, but so that the students get an opportunity to attend the game. When students scalp their tickets the school loses, since the school could easily have sold the ticket for a higher price.

As for the trick with the $30 pencil, it sounds like those students are trying to 'clean their scalp' with it. But the school would never agree to this; therefore it violates the terms of sale. Moral of the story: For a clean scalp, use shampoo.

Speaking of inflated prices, a guy goes into a deli: "Ten dollars for Pastrami!!" he exclaims. "Across the street they sell it for $5.99!"

"So why don't you go over there!" says the owner.

"Well at the moment, they've run out of pastrami."

"Trust me," says the owner, "When I run out of pastrami, I also sell it for $5.99!"

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