Beis Midrash

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Our goal is to stand our talmidim on their feet in learning and in Yiddishkeit in general. This means enabling them to either mainstream into high level yeshivas, or prepare them to be bnei Torah in the working world.


We learn thoroughly in order to give training in how to learn a sugiya, not only by seeing what the maggid shiur pulls out of the text, but by going through the process with him. The shiurim are text-based, teaching thorough and systematic analysis, and there is a great deal of give-and-take between the Rebbe and talmidim in shiur and in the Beis Medrash, so that the talmidim pick up the method and thought process – the מהלך-which is being imparted. The process starts with the Gemara and progresses to Rashi and Tosfos.

The more advanced shiurim continue to "inside" analysis of Rishonim and then Acharonim– explaining, making inferences and contrasting one Rishon / Acharon with another.

If you want to learn carpentry, it is not enough to watch even a master carpenter at work; you need to have someone take your hands and show you how to use the tools.

A משיב in Mir once commented about our talmidim, that they are very balanced, very good in learning and that you would never know they had been learning for such a short time. A talmid of ours entered an Israeli Kollel; the ראש כולל expressed doubt how he would hold his own with Ponevezers, but he did, attributing this achievement to his Rebbeim in our Beis Medrash.

Halacha Iyun

We have a halacha track where the talmidim learn sugiyot through halacha le'maase. This opens up a new dimension of gemara and has proven in many cases to be a very effective way of getting talmidim into learning.


We make an annual siyum on the masechta being learned b'iyun.


There are regular Vaadim to open up inyanim of hashkafa and mussar and give guidance. But this cannot replace teaching and guiding the individual according to his level and needs. In addition to the Rebbeim, including two mashgichim, being readily available for consultation, most talmidim have weekly one-on-one sessions with one of the Rebbeim. Thus strong Rebbi-talmid relationships are built and the most effective guidance is given. Where necessary, basic issues of emunah are approached; any question can be asked.

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