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Who is it for?

The student who is committed to learning and needs to make a breakthrough in his ability to study the classic texts of the Torah and Talmud, and is prepared to dedicate a full day (three sedarim) to achieving his goal.

What does it offer?

  • A small Beis Medrish with individualised attention to each student in a warm atmosphere.
  • Caring, experienced teachers leading small classes and facilitating the growth and development of each student according to his abilities.
  • A rich curriculum of Gemara (Iyun and Bekius), Chumash, Halacha and Hashgafa.
  • Philosophy, ethics and history are studied from their sources.

Where will you be (after 1-1½ years)?

From the point of reading Gemara and Rashi script with difficulty, you will reach a degree of self-sufficiency in preparing a Gemara with Rashi and Tosfos.
From the beginning stage of yeshiva learning you will acquire the skills enabling you to enter the Advanced Beis Medrish Program of Ohr Somayach or any mainstream yeshiva.

For Further Information

Please contact Rabbi Rockmill. Tel 972 (0)2 581 0315 ext 149 or email [email protected]

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