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Topic: Adult Circumcision

Sam Steinberg from Cedarhurst, New York wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

I am the son of concentration camp survivors. After the war, they ended up in Belgium. I was born in 1949 in Belgium. The Korean War was breaking out and everyone was worried about a new European War. My parents didn't have me circumcised because they were worried that if there was a new war, I could end up exposed as a Jew and killed. I am now 48 and getting more involved with my religion. Should I now have a circumcision?

Dear Sam Steinberg,

You should definitely try to do this very important mitzvah.

The Torah commands that all Jewish males be circumcised. G-d said to Abraham "This is My covenant which you shall observe, between Me and you and your future offspring: Circumcise every male ... An uncircumcised male who (purposely) does not circumcise himself, that soul will be cut off from its people - he has violated My covenant."

You need to get an expert mohel (person who performs circumcision) who is knowledgeable in all Jewish laws concerning circumcision. The mere fact that someone is a doctor or surgeon does not qualify him to perform circumcision.

I recently met a mohel who is one of the most experienced people performing circumcision on adults. His name is Rabbi Y. Aron Fisher, Phone number 1 800 367 2747 or 914 425 3266. He told me he will be happy to help you, so feel free to contact him.

I applaud you for your efforts to reunite with your Jewish heritage. In the merit of this great mitzvah, may Hashem bless you with great success in all your endeavors.


  • Genesis 17:10-14
  • Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah 260

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