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Topic: Circumcision by Doctor

Mark from Chuckey, Tennessee wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

My first son is expected to be born during the 9th week of 1999. I live in a remote area of Tennessee and we do not have a synagogue nearby. We are making plans to have him circumcised by a doctor. Can you please give me specific instructions so that all is done properly? Shalom

Dear Mark,

First of all, may Hashem bless you with much joy and happiness! Circumcision is, as you know, an extremely central milestone in the life of a Jew. Aside from the fact that it is a commandment (the first given to a Jew!) it is also the entry of the child into the covenant of Abraham and into the covenant between G-d and the Jewish people. There are many legal and medical requirements in Jewish law for a correct circumcision, and it would be impossible to explain them all over the email. I suggest you contact Rabbi Nutta Greenblatt (see below). Rabbi Greenblatt has years of experience as a mohel (circumciser), and he travels all over Tennessee to perform circumcisions. If you have trouble contacting him, then contact Mr. Bart Ehrenkranz of the Jewish Renaissance Center whom I spoke with today on the phone. He said he would be happy to help you with the arrangements.

(We supplied Mark with phone numbers and addresses. If anyone is in a similar situation, please contact us.)

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