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Nasdaq and the Zodiac

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Topic: Astrology, Unsolicited Information

Saul Behr in Johannesburg, SA wrote

Dear Rabbi,

Somebody recently came up to me, and gave me unsolicited information about astrology. From a reliable source, with a good history of accuracy, he gave me some tips on the stock market. Am I allowed to act on that information?

Dear Saul,

There's no problem with acting on this unsolicited advice. However, one should not actively seek out such advice. Rather, a Jew should go about life trusting that G-d will "be there" for him, and not feel the need to know the future.

Note that ultimately, astrology has no bearing on the life of a Jew because "ain mazel b'yisrael -- the people of Israel transcend astrological influences."

  • Yoreh Deah 179:1

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