Q: Why is it significant that Yeshivas Pisga begins its year in January?

A: The year begins in January because for us Southerners that is actually the beginning of the year!! Most Yeshiva programmes begin in September which is pretty lousy for Southerners as they come in the middle and have a lot of catching up to do.

Q: Is there a subsidy for tuition?

A: Yes, Pisga is MASA affiliated. MASA is an organization that provides both standard grants to all participants plus scholarships to those eligible to receive one. Once a participant has been accepted to the yeshiva, we will assist you in applying for a grant.

Q: What happens during Bein Hazmanim and vacation time?

A: Yeshivas Pisga provides food and accommodation throughout the whole year including Pesach. We also run tiyulim and activities during the vacation times and ensure that the students are cared for, even during off time from yeshiva.

Q: My Son has no family in Israel. Will he be taken care of for Shabbat?

A: Yes!! We organize Shabbat so you don’t need to worry.

Q: Do the fees cover medical insurance?

A: No. The Yeshiva offers the talmidim affordable medical insurance at a separate cost to the fees. This must be paid in cash or credit card in the yeshiva office at the beginning of the year. We will assist you with the process.

Q: Is my son allowed to leave Israel during the year?

A: Your son will be allowed one trip home during the year. The recommended time is either in the August break or the Sukkot break. Aside from that no trips will be permitted, including trips to Europe.

Q: Are there options for a payment plan to cover the fees?

A: Yes. Payment plans can be worked out with the Yeshivas Pisga administration.

Q: Will my Son's laundry be taken care of?

A: In the Yeshivas Pisga apartment there is a washing machine and a dryer for the Yeshivas Pisga talmidim to use for a small fee.