Learning curriculum:

Daily shiurim throughout the year concentrate on developing Gemarah learning skills. The morning shiur focuses on Iyun (in depth) skills, while engaging the talmid's interest in the significance and depth of the sugya. The afternoon shiur focuses on bekiyus skills, while the talmid has the satisfaction of covering ground. Practical Halachah and Mussar are also focused on frequently throughout the week. Chumash and Nach shiurim are taught on a weekly basis.

Self Development:

The program develops the unique strengths of all the talmidim. This in turn informs and transforms the group dynamic. The ethos of the program encourages independence which in turn leads to a sense of maturity and responsibility within the talmidim.

Education through connection

Yeshivas Pisga intentionally takes in only a small group of students each year. This way we can invest personal attention to each talmid, helping him develop his personal capabilities throughout the year. Each talmid is assigned a Rebbi for a personal learning session once a week. Having someone to learn and chat with is a crucial part of growth. Life is tough and going it alone makes it even harder. These times allow the connection, understanding and shared wisdom a place to grow. The talmid is also assigned a senior mentor to learn with him on a weekly basis. Having multiple avenues of connection means that the talmidim are looked after and dealt with as individuals and not just another number on the student list.