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For the week ending 13 May 2006 / 15 Iyyar 5766

A Second Chance

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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“Give me a second chance!”

How often have we said or heard this desperate appeal for an opportunity to make amends for something that went wrong?

This Friday, the 14th of the Hebrew month of Iyar (May 12), is the day 3317 years ago when some Jews did indeed get a second chance.

When our ancestors offered the first Korban Pesach after leaving , these Jews were ineligible for participating in this sacrificial service because of their ritual impurity resulting from their contact with the dead. “Why should we be left out?” they complained to their leader Moshe. He, in turn, relayed their impassioned plea to G-d, Who responded that those Jews, like all others in future generations who miss out on the first time, would have a second chance a month later.

This “second chance” which we recall on the “Pesach Sheini” date this week should serve as a reminder to every Jew everywhere, and in every situation, that he is also given a “second chance” to fulfill his potential as a Jew in every sense. We might sum this up by urging every Jew to “never say never” and preserve forever.

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