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The Advanced Beis Medrash Program of Ohr Somayach

Who is it for?

The student who is already capable of preparing Gemara, Rashi and Tosfos and who seeks to become fully independent in learning.

What does it offer?

  • The exciting atmosphere of a classical Beis Medrash with a large body of highly motivated students.
  • A high teacher-student ratio, and a staff composed of some of the foremost scholars in Jewish learning, ensures that each student receives maximum opportunity for development. The Rabbeim are also highly accessible to their students for educational and personal guidance.
  • A rich variety of advanced Gemara, Halacha and Hashkafa shiurim.
  • The student learns to independently prepare a folio of Talmud and to engage in creative research, coming to appreciate, first hand, the intense experience of unraveling a complex Talmudic problem
  • Philosophy, ethics and history are studied from their sources.
  • Shabbatonim with the Rebbeim

Where will you be (after 1-2 years)?

Able to independently prepare Gemara, Rashi, Tosfos, and to master the meforshim – skills which will serve you well at every stage of your life.

Learning at a level equal to the advanced levels of mainstream yeshivos.

Qualified to enter a mainstream yeshiva at an advanced level.

For more information...

Please contact Rabbi Moshe Pindrus
Phone: from U.S.A to Israel: 646 502 6597
in Israel: 02 581 0315
in USA: 917 482 8028

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