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Subway Psalms

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Topic: Psalms, Saying on the Subway

Staave from New York wrote:

Is it OK to say Tehillim [Psalms] on the subway? Do I have to say the words loud enough so I can hear them?

Dear Staave,

It's a great idea to "elevate the subway" by saying Tehillim. By doing so, you fulfill the commandment "And you shall speak (words of Torah) as you travel along the way." Also, the merit of Torah study protects you from the many dangers of travel (especially on the NY subway). But you must make sure of two things when saying Tehillim:

  • The area around you must be clean of any droppings, uncomfortable odors, and the like.
  • You aren't facing towards anyone indecently clad.

You don't have to say them out loud, a whisper is adequate.

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